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Performance Is In
Our Roots

Performance Is In
Our Roots

Some may recognize our founder, Eric Latino, as a record-breaking Pro Mod NHRA race driver, but since 2001 Eric and Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi®) have been involved with the performance aftermarket, offering solutions to those looking for emissions control in their high horsepower vehicles. Filling a void in the market, where inexpensive ceramic converters just couldn’t meet the demands of these environments, GESi® would go on to design an industry leading high performance catalytic converter to address emissions control component failures in performance applications.

Today, G-Sport Emissions Systems, a division of GESi®, works with numerous high performance exhaust manufacturers of European, import, and domestic aftermarket downpipes and exhaust solutions that meet or exceed today’s emissions regulations without compromising performance.

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About G-Sport Emissions Systems by GESi®

At G-Sport Emissions Systems, it has always been our mandate to provide the best experience for performance enthusiasts. Our years of research and development have helped us design an industry leading high flow catalytic converter to address the needs of high performance aftermarket and exhaust manufacturer demands while meeting the increasing global emissions regulations.

Global Emissions Systems Inc

GESi® - Commercial/Industrial

Our mandate is to design, develop, and manufacture the most effective emissions control technology in the world. Since 2001, GESi® has delivered a wide range of solutions, and emissions verified product to partners in over 20 countries worldwide.  Today, our technology leads the market in stationary power generation, on and off road heavy duty equipment, and high performance applications. GESi® is at the heart of emissions compliant energy in Europe, North America, and other emerging markets.

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DPFXFIT - Diesel Particulate Filters

DPFXFIT is a line of North American-made diesel exhaust treatment products for heavy duty and light duty trucks. A direct replacement to OEM systems, DPFXFIT offers Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) that meets or exceeds OEM filter emissions regulations with improved performance.

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