G-Sport Catalytic - cross section product features

G-Sport Emissions Systems Advanced Technology -
Built for Performance

  • Pass your Emissions Test
  • Avoid Check Engine (MIL) Lights
  • Drive your vehicle the way it was meant to be driven
Carbon Monoxide Emissions Reduction up to - (99%)
Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Reduction up to - (98%)
Hydrocarbons Emissions Reduction up to - (95%)
G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic


How Does a Catalytic Converter Work? Chemistry 101

Our G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic Converter is a three-way catalyst that reduces up to 99% of harmful exhaust emissions in vehicles. By targeting the three main exhaust gases, Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Monoxide, our proprietary wash coat technology of precious metals, separates the toxic compound structures to create environmentally neutral Water, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide as byproducts.

This process is enhanced by G-Sport’s precise transition cones and triangle-based substrate pattern that enhance flow and residency time for optimal conversion and performance.

How a G-Sport Catalytic Converter works

New Emissions Requirements -
New G-Sport Technologies

For years G-Sport by GESi has addressed the needs of performance enthusiasts with well-built, emissions compliant aftermarket solutions. To date, our existing GEN1 line has provided emissions compliance and addressed check engine lights while maintaining the performance levels required in forced-induction applications in vehicles up to 2016 model year.

With the updated emissions requirements in 2017 and newer vehicles, G-Sport by GESi has developed a new GEN2 catalytic S-Wound core design with an updated proprietary precious metal coating. The new proprietary coating addresses the latest emission standards in newer vehicles while providing support for up to 1,200 hp with increased OD sizes of up to 6 inches.

Introducing the latest technology and product enhancements – our Advanced Series lineup now includes our proven S-Wound core technology in both Gen1 and Gen2 with new emission control solutions including Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and Mid-bed Catalytic Converters coming soon!

Should you have any questions regarding applications, please feel free to contact us.


G-Sport Advanced Catalytic - NEW cross section product features

G-Sport Emissions Systems -
Designed for Performance

Typical catalytic converters include ceramic substrates that have a higher rate of cracking, degradation or cause too much back pressure in vehicle exhausts. G-Sport Emissions Systems High Performance GEN1 Advanced Catalytic Converters are designed with our proven S-Wound metallic substrate for added durability. The substrate is then lined with nickel strips, and furnace-brazed to provide a solid bond throughout the core and to its mantle. This process, and our ‘Double-Lock’ transition cone application, ensure the core will not telescope or fail in high performance environments.

For best emissions control capabilities without performance degradation, G-Sport designed our high flow GEN1 Advanced Catalytic Converters with 300 cells per square inch (CPSI). Our advanced substrate design, combined with our proprietary wash coat nano-technology, ensures the highest level of emissions reduction with comparable flow rates of similar 200 CPSI converters on the market. G-Sport Advanced Catalytic - NEW cross section product features

G-Sport C3 Process -
Performance Peace of Mind

Quality and performance have always been our top priorities. All of our catalytic converters are carefully managed during all three key C3 ProcessesCore, Coating and Canning.

Each stage is supervised to provide the peace of mind that your emissions systems will perform better and cleaner than ever.


C3 icon - G-Sport Core NEW

Our Core process begins with quality metallic foil that is rolled to form our unique triangle cell design (GEN1 + GEN2 now S-Wound).  Each cell is constructed to an exacting dimension that balances exhaust flow, with effective emissions conversion.  We achieve strength, and durability in our core by lining each layer of foil with nickel and furnace brazing the entire assembly together to its mantel.  Our construction process ensures that every GEN1 or GEN2 Advanced G-Sport Catalytic Converter is capable of handling the flow produced by today’s high horsepower applications.


C3 icon - G-Sport Coating newAll GEN1 and GEN2 Advanced G-Sport catalytic converters feature our proprietary wash coat that is designed to form a strong molecular bond with metallic surfaces. Confidently choose G-Sport knowing that your converter’s coatings are durable enough to withstand the high temperatures (up to 1,700F/925C) flowing through high performance exhaust systems.

G-Sport C3 Process - Canning

In-house canning processes ensure that our entire solution is ready for use by our manufacturing partners, and performance enthusiasts.  Our Double-Lock technology ensures that the catalytic core and mantle are fused together, and ready for integration into your high performance exhaust system.

G-Sport EPA Compliant Technology vs.
Non-EPA Compliant Models

G-Sport by GESi® prides itself on building the highest quality emissions solutions. To address the needs of performance enthusiasts all of our G-Sport models incorporate our C3 Process in constructing each catalytic converter with high-grade stainless steel inside and out. Our metallic core is furnace-brazed and held in place with our Double-lock technology to ensure it will not telescope like lower-quality solutions on the market.

The key difference between models is our EPA Compliant catalytic converters have been third-party lab tested to meet or exceed local emissions standards in North America (excluding California) and will address Check Engine light issues with proper engine setup.

Our Non-EPA models are built with the same high-end construction, but do not offer the emissions compliant coating to meet local regulations and will not eliminate the check engine light. These models are best suited in applications where a stock catalytic converter was not offered from the OEM (vehicle years 1973 and older) as well as any off-road application such as trail or race.

G-Sport GEN2Non-EPA Models new
EPA CompliantYesYesNo
Fix Check
Engine Light
High Horsepower
Up to
850 hp
Up to
1,200 hp
SizingUp to
4.5" OD
Up to
6" OD
Up to
4" OD

G-Sport Catalytic Converters Installed


Horsepower Supported

G-Sport Performance Catalytic Converter
Dyno Test Results

Comparing stock OEM catalytic converter to G-Sport UHO model upgrade

G-Sport S-Wound Core Technology Advancements

Building on our proven ability to maintain horsepower and improve emissions using a concentric substrate, our engineering team is pleased to launch our expanded line of S-Wound Cores with either 300 or 400 CPSI substrates.

EPA Compliant Models
304 Series Stainless Steel
Proprietary Wash Coat Technology
Furnace Brazed Substrate to Mantle