Industry Leading High Performance Catalytic Converters


The GESi® Advantage & Our C3 Process

The GESi® Advantage stands for North American built emissions solutions with a focus on quality and performance.

Our ability to manufacture metallic substrates, develop and apply precious metal coatings, and complete the process with substrate canning, positions us as a leader in the EPA compliant automotive emissions control market. We have defined this as our C3 Process.

Our Core process starts with a 304 Stainless Steel substrate that is furnace-brazed to provide long term performance and emissions control
C3 icon - G-Sport Coating
Our Coating process includes a a proprietary wash technology designed to achieve stronger molecular bond to metallic surfaces with performance and emissions control in mind
C3 icon - G-Sport Canning
In-house Canning features our Double-Lock technology to ensure the catalytic core and mantle are locked in place

Emissions Reduction Capabilities of a G-Sport High Flow Catalytic Converter

G-Sport Emissions Reduction
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions Reduction up to 99%
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emissions Reduction up to 98%
Hydrocarbon (HC) Emissions Reduction up to 95%
GSport - Performance without Compromise Porsche

Don't sacrifice performance when it comes to emissions control.

Designed for Performance

For years, exhaust builders have been re-purposing original equipment converters in high performance exhaust applications. Despite the marketing claims, these parts were never designed to meet the needs of performance applications. G-Sport is the only purpose-built, high performance catalytic converter solution.

EPA Compliant - for use on OBD1/OBD2 Vehicles (1996 or newer)

304 Series Stainless Steel construction throughout

G-Sport triangle cell design reduces back pressure and maximizes flow

Double-Lock technology ensures substrate is locked in place

Proprietary precious metal wash coat delivers consistent emissions reduction

Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700 deg F

G-Sport High Performance Catalytic Converter w shadow

EPA Compliant G-Sport Catalytic Converter
Supports up to 850 hp per!

Available in High Output and Ultra-High Output models.

G-Sport Catalytic GEN2 - Core coming soon

Coming Soon - G-Sport GEN2 Series

In response to changing emissions standards, GESi is developing a new proprietary coating technology capable of effectively meeting the latest regulations, while still supporting the performance of late model high horsepower engines when needed.

Capable of supporting up to 1,200 HP per converter

Custom designed core for improved strength & performance

EPA Compliant models for vehicles from 2017 and newer

High quality Stainless Steel construction throughout

New proprietary coating to meet latest emissions regulations

Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1700 deg F

Global Emissions Systems - Made Locally

High Flow Catalytic Converters Proudly Made in North America.

G-Sport High Performance Catalytic Made in North America